Biological & Environmental Sciences Research Seminar Series

Autumn Seminar series is to be held on Mondays in 3A142
Seminars start at 1pm

Stuart Auld is co-ordinating the seminar series.

Instructions for B.E.S. Hosts

It is expected that those inviting speakers will act as the Host, i.e. deal with directions here, introduce them and if they're staying overnight organise drinks/meal. In some cases it might even be appropriate to put a speaker up in your own house. Hosts are expected to arrange dates, and deal with expenses:

1. In advance
Staff are expected to invite speakers for a free slot in the seminar diary, arrange and confirm dates. Then through emailing Stuart the diary will be updated. Seminar Series is to be held on Mondays at 1pm, room booking to be confirmed.

2. On the day
Seminar Room 3A142. Please allow speakers to allow speakers to familiarise themselves with the room and get PowerPoint presentations loaded. 3A142 is well equipped with presentation aids, slide and overhead projection equipment.

A trip to the Meadowpark pub after the presentation and discussion is suggested after the talk as this would be a nice way of finishing the day. It also provides an opportunity for students to talk to the speaker less formally.

3. After the event
Expenses claim forms will be available for the Host to give to the speaker.

Spring 2017 Semester
DateSpeakerTitle of PresentationInstitutionB.E.S. Host
16 January 2017 Start of Semester
23 January 2017 Dr Tom Pugh The role of tree mortality in global terrestrial carbon uptake University of Birmingham Alistair Jump
20 February 2017 Dr Danilo Russo Managing forests for bat conservation: barbastelle bats as a case study University of Naples Federico II Kirsty Park
27 February 2017 Hanna Schenk Chaos and chance alter red queen dynamics Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Biology Stuart Auld
06 March 2017 Dr Pepe Barquín What rivers can tell about forests: The importance of vegetation land cover for aquatic ecosystems IH Cantabria, Spain Patricia Gonzalez Diaz
13 March 2017 Dr Karoline Fritzsche Experimental evolution of sex roles: sexy females and generous males University of Graz Luc Bussière
20 March 2017 Dr Jonathan Henshaw The evolution of sex differences under local gamete competition Australian National University Luc Bussière
27 March 2017 Mr Steve Brooks Midges, climate and birds Natural History Museum, London Bob McCulloch
03 April 2017 Dr Levi Yant The whisper of the Wild Brassicaceae: what they can tell us via population genomics John Innes Centre Mario Vallejo-Marin
10 April 2017 Dr Sasha Kagansky Molecular role of biodiversity on our planet and links to human survival with the examples and implications in epigenetics and cancer. University of Edinburgh Nils Bunnefeld
17 April 2017 Easter Monday
22 May 2017 Isobel Booksmythe When to make males: predicting sex and sex ratios in Daphnia University of Zurich Luc Bussière
29 May 2017        
Autumn 2017 Semester
DateSpeakerTitle of PresentationInstitutionB.E.S. Host
11 September 2017 Start of Semester
18 September 2017        
25 September 2017 Professor Julia Koricheva tbc Royal Holloway, University of London Zarah Pattison
02 October 2017        
09 October 2017        
16 October 2017 Dr Steve Mills tbc  University of Otago, New Zealand  Phil Bartie
23 October 2017 Mid-Semester Break (23 October - 27 October)
30 October 2017 Dr Stuart A Campbell tbc  The University of Sheffield  Mario Vallejo-Marin
06 November 2017        
13 November 2017
20 November 2017 Dr Tara Thrupp tbc Natural History Museum London Zarah Pattison
27 November 2017 Dr Heather Rumble tbc University of Portsmouth Zarah Pattison 
04 December 2017 Professor Lindsay Stringer tbc University of Leeds David Oliver 
07 December 2017 Start of Exam Diet
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