Noel Dennis

Noel is Associate Dean of York St John University Business School, a professional jazz musician and founder and co-editor of Arts Marketing an International Journal. Noel has a passion for learning and teaching and is an advocate of adopting creative methods in the classroom. He uses his musical experience to offer a creative approach to business education - specifically strategic marketing and leadership. He explores the dynamics of jazz improvisation and presents its relevance to organizations. Through music, he demonstrates the key characteristics of creative action to outline methods to develop improvisation and creativity within a business. He has facilitated many jazz workshops with organizations in the public and private sector and his highly creative approach has garnered significant interest from both the academic and business communities, including a recent feature in the Times Higher Educational Supplement.

The importance of consumers, cultures and society

As a semi-professional jazz musician and marketing academic, I have a deep interest in the role of music in consumer culture. Music is such a powerful force and reaches out to us all in some shape or form, from passively listening to music on the radio to critical listening of a Miles Davis record. Consumer researchers have, for some time, been interested in the power of music and its ability to influence consumer behaviour, with many fascinating research projects and articles to document this.  I am interested specifically in the aesthetics and consumption of jazz, namely understanding the consumption patterns and behaviour of the various segments that make up the jazz audience. I am currently investigating the aesthetic development of Miles Davis’ transformative and iconic 1959 album - Kind of Blue – which to this day is held as a critical aesthetic turning point in jazz. Not only did this album mark a significant change musically for jazz, it also changed consumption patterns by opening the door to a new segment of jazz listener. Through my work, I hope to gain insights into the jazz consumer and their consumption patterns that will be of interest and indeed use to those involved in the production and promotion of jazz.

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