Accessing our wireless network

University of Stirling's network service is provided by the Joint Academic Network (JANET) which is a private network. Visitors from other institutions can use this network. Members of the public should use our public Wi-Fi network (launching 25th Nov 2015). More information about our public Wi-Fi network.


Eduroam logo eduroam is available to visitors to Stirling campus and Highland campuses from participating institutions.

If you require assistance in configuring your device, you should contact the IT helpdesk at your home institution.

About eduroam

eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions.

Stirling University is providing a 'Visited' service. This means that visitors to campus from other eduroam institutions should be able to connect to eduroam via our wireless network and access the internet.

Visitors to Stirling University from participating eduroam institutions

If you are visiting from an institution that participates in the eduroam service then you can connect to the eduroam wireless service at the University of Stirling using the instructions provided by your own institution.

Visitors to Stirling connecting to eduroam should be able to access the internet via JANET, access email, VPN. For full details see the JANET eduroam policy.

You should make sure you set up and test your device at your home institution before you leave. Technical support for connection to eduroam whilst you are on Stirling campus remains with your home institution so you should contact them in the event of difficulties in connecting to eduroam when off-site. You should also read our IT Use Policy and the JANET Acceptable Use policy.

You can access eduroam on the wireless network on Stirling and Highland campuses. We implement the JRS2 tier of service, using the encryption scheme WPA2 with AES. No application or interception proxy is used, but we do log all URLs visited for monitoring purposes. At present, we only permit the ports and protocols listed in requirement 41 of the JANET Roaming service Technical Specification.

Stirling staff and students wishing to connect to eduroam at other participating universities

see our eduroam for Stirling university staff/students page for more info

Guest/Public Wi-Fi

Please see our page 'Wi-Fi for visitors'

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