How to find books

The Library Catalogue Books search option is the first place to look for printed and electronic books in the library. See our guide below for more ways to search the library catalogue. Click the link in the 'What are you looking for? column to get more help.

What are you looking for?

Tab to use and any tips

Refine by options

Books: printed books at the Stirling or Highland library

Books & Journals tab, then enter a keyword (topic), title or author search

Use Location to limit to either the Highland Campus or Stirling Campus

Electronic Books which the library has purchased

Books & Journals tab, then enter a keyword (topic), title or author search

Use Format to limit to Ebooks

Journal Articles – only the full text ones

Articles tab, enter your topic(s)

Use Articles and limit to Full Text

Journal Articles – not necessarily full text

Articles tab, enter your topic(s)

It’s up to you! You may wish to limit by date of publication, language, peer reviewed status etc.

If there is no PDF link try clicking Check for Full Text button.

If the article is not available from the library use the Article Request service

Dissertations or Theses in the Stirling campus library

Books & Journals tab, then enter a keyword (topic)

Under the heading Format, select Stirling theses

Books in the Leighton Library or Western Isles campus

Books & Journals tab, then enter a keyword (topic), title or author search

Under the Location option select either Leighton Library or Western Isles Campus


Books & Journals tab, then enter a keyword (topic), title or author search

Under the Format option select DVD

Anything on my topic

Use Books and Articles tab, enter a keyword or keywords describing your topic

It’s up to you! You may wish to limit by date of publication, language, peer reviewed status etc

A specific Journal

Use Books & Journals tab, enter the name of the journal, e.g. British Journal of Management

Use the options under Format to limit to printed or electronic, then use the Found in option to limit to title.

Materials in the Stirling University Archive

Use the University Archive tab (Find our more about our Archives)


Materials in languages other than English

Use whichever tab suits your needs

Under the Language option select the ones you are interested in. NB, undefined results are usually in English, we’re working to improve this

A book with a one word title, e.g. Persuasion

Use Books tab, then title search

Limit by Availability or Format as you wish

How to find a book in the Library from Information Services on Vimeo.

How to use Moveable Shelving in the Library from Information Services on Vimeo.

Finding books

The library catalogue book search lists all the books, journals and other library materials available to you. The catalogue will tell you: if the library has the item you want, where it is located, whether it is a printed or electronic book and whether it is available. 


Where to look for your book - Classmarks

When you have found a book in the catalogue, take a note of its location and its classmark.  For example, the Location could be Stirling - Popular and the Classmark could be XC 4.21 WOO.  Often the Library Catalogue will include a "Click for Map" link; if you click on this map link you will be shown a map of where your book is shelved in the Library. 

The letters in the Classmark tell you the subject area, for example the classmark for biology books start with an X.  You need the Location and Classmark to find out where the book is shelved in the Library - then use our Library Plan to find the correct shelf.

Location in catalogue Floor of Library

Stirling - popular

classmarks A - GS

Level 3

Stirling – popular

classmarks H - Z

Level 4

Stirling – long

classmarks A – MA

Level 3

Stirling – long

classmarks MA – Z

Level 4

Short Loan Collection

Level 2
JournalsLevel 3
QuartoLevel 4
PamLevel 4
Teachers Collection

Level 4

In Popular Loan after the Classmark K


Level 4

In Long Loan after the Classmark X


Level 4

Near the North Stair Exit

Reference Collection

Level 4

Near the North Stair Exit


Level 4

Behind the North Stairwell

Electronic books can be accessed via the library catalogue. Look for and click on the link "connect to ebook". 


If the library does not have the book you want, staff and students can make a suggestion for purchase, use the Document Delivery Service or visit another library. If the book you want is held at one of our other campus libraries you can request an intercampus loan.


Electronic books are listed in the Library Catalogue.

There are two main types of electronic books: those purchased by the university library to support teaching and research at the university (library ebooks) and those which are freely available online, (free ebooks).

Library ebooks

Electronic books which have been purchased by the university to support teaching and research are listed in the Library Catalogue.  These books can only be accessed by registered staff and students of the University of Stirling. To access the electronic books you must ensure that you log into the University Portal before you search the library catalogue. A guide to using our Library ebooks is available here.

Historic Books

Historic Books provides access to over 360,000 digitised historic books. It contains the collections previously known as Early English Books Online (EEBO) and Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO). Historic Books can only be accessed by registered staff and students of the University of Stirling.

Free electronic books

An increasing number of books are freely available in full text online. In particular, you can find titles from before 1923 (since these texts are more likely to be outside copyright restrictions), although more recent books may also be available.

Below are a few of the useful sources for identifying the full text of books for free on the internet. If you are a lecturer and you identify a particular book for your students to use please notify your Senior Subject Librarian and we will catalogue the book for you.

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Electronic books on American literature, English literature and Western philosophy.
Has four main sections: Reference, Verse, Fiction and Non-Fiction. As well as searchable Author, Title and Subject indexes. Particularly useful for its reference section and pre-1923 titles. This site is for non-commercial use.

Free online texts of over 2000 classic works. Also includes some online study guides.

Biblioteca Digital Hispanica
From the National Library of Spain, digital resources including ebooks from their collections. Most, but not all, materials are in Spanish.

Celebration of Women Writers
As well as links to complete published books, also provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers.

Centre for French History and Culture's e-books
Source of free electronic books about France and French history from the University of St Andrews.

Collection of more than 600 medical textbooks, browsable by speciality or by title.

Google Book Search
Allows you to search the full text of some books and discover details of others.

Hathi Trust Digital Library Provides access to more than 5 million ebooks. This digital repository is a collaboration between 60 research libraries across the USA and Europe.

National Academy Press
Contains over 2,500 US National Academy science, engineering, and health texts free online.

Online Books
Facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet.

Project Gutenberg
Generally pre-1923 titles. Classic books from authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Dante, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Lewis Carroll.

Reading Europe
Access to over 1000 literary treasures from 23 countries across Europe.

University of Michigan Digital Library Text Collections
Around 20 000 electronic books covering a wide range of topics.

If you wish to buy an electronic book, the service ebooklocator will help you discover whether and where you can buy a particular book.

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