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To allow staff and students to conduct surveys via the web the university subscribes to the Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) service provided by the University of Bristol ( and Succeed has a feature called Enterprise Surveys.


The BOS service, which is currently used by around 130 universities, is intuitive to use and little technical knowledge is required to create or maintain surveys. It is as easy to use as Survey Monkey and is free to use.


A number of question types are available, including multiple choice, selection list and free text. Conditional follow-on questions, such as "If yes, then.", can also be added. BOS has in-built reporting features allowing users to cross-tabulate answers, filter on specific questions and view statistical information. Most usefully, data can be downloaded easily in a format suitable for import into Excel or SPSS to allow users to perform their own analysis.


Anyone interested in looking at BOS/Enterprise Surveys or getting a user account to create their own surveys should contact the Information Centre


Succeed has a feature called Enterprise Surveys. Everyone at the University has had a chance to engage with this as it is used for the annual Information Services Satisfaction Survey (ISSS) and whilst it can be used for surveys outside the University, it is best suited to surveys within the University. It has a limited set of question types (BoS has more): Likert scale, Matrix, Multiple choice, Either/Or, Open Entry (Text). Like BoS it works nicely on the mobile phone. Help on Enterprise Surveys:


Please look at these choices before paying for a Survey Monkey account as these will be able to handle your survey needs in the vast majority of cases. Both don't place any restrictions on the number surveys or the number of respondents. For instance, the ISSS is send to over 14,000 staff and students and in 2015 got around 2,000 replies whilst it was open.


To discuss using any of the above tools also contact the Information Centre

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