Congratulations on your new appointment and welcome to the University of Stirling 

To help you settle in and to support you as you reach your full potential as quickly as possible, we have brought together all of the essential 'need to know' information about the University into one place.

By working through the induction process and associated documentation you should be well on your way to understanding how the University of Stirling operates and your role within it.

Staff Culture Book: The University Induction Handbook

The main aim of induction is to ensure that you can gain appropriate information to enable you to start performing in your new role as quickly and effectively as possible. To do this you not only need information about your role, but also the environment you are working in, your working conditions and support facilities available.

The objectives of induction are:

  • To give you an understanding of the aims and objectives, structure and culture at the University of Stirling
  • To give you an understanding of the aims and objectives of the Faculty or service area you will be working in and how these fit with the organisational aims
  • To clearly define the requirements of your job

Your Manager

You will have met with your manager during the selection process and your working relationship will further develop as your manager gives you essential information about your school/department and its aims, where it fits into the overall organisation and what will be expected of you in your role. Your manager is your most important contact during your induction period and will support you in tailoring your programme.


Your line manager may assign colleagues within your Faculty/department to support you with some aspects of the induction programme. During the induction process you will come into contact with many colleagues who will be able to provide you with valuable information about practices, facilities relevant to your role and make you feel part of the team as quickly as possible.


This is your induction programme. Every individual has different needs during this process and although some aspects of induction may be arranged for you, depending on your role, you must also play a part in determining your own induction needs.

As you meet colleagues and progress through your induction you may come across topics, issues, problems or situations on which you need more information or support. It is important that you have the opportunity to discuss issues as they arise and get support from your Line Manager in the first instance.


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