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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers you an excellent environment in which you will be encouraged to explore, question, innovate and create. You can choose what to study from an exciting range of stimulating subjects – English, History, Politics, Law and Philosophy, Modern Languages, Cultures and Religions and Communications, Media and Culture.

You can be assured you will be taught by experienced and committed staff whose work is well represented in national and international journals, at academic conferences and in the media. You will also quickly become an important part of the faculty’s vibrant intellectual community which is constantly enriched and renewed by the contributions of visiting scholars and practitioners.‌ 

The way that we were introduced to the module was fantastic - I didn't feel overwhelmed by what was outlined to me in the module handbook and, with the support provided and ease at which the staff are to talk to, I thought that I could achieve what was being asked of me (something I was worried about in the summer having never studied Film & Media before).

If I had any advice it would be to not worry about not understanding things, it will all make sense eventually and seminars are there to clear anything up that you aren't comfortable doing on your own yet. I think that there are great resources out there that really help you with the work, which can be found in the library.

Emily Bradley-Parrish (1st year Film & Media 2013)


Developing your academic writing at university is an exciting, challenging and ongoing process. Students have told us that it is helpful if they can submit a short piece of written work early in the semester and get feedback on their work as soon as possible.  We will therefore, set a short written task that all students entering the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are required to complete and submit by 23 September. You will then receive individual feedback on this work. This is not an exam and performance on this task will not be taken into account for your grades at University.

The advantages of completing this task are that you will receive early feedback which will allow you to-

  • Know what to focus on in order to develop your academic writing
  • Get a sense of what lecturers are expecting
  • Be able to discuss your work and ask for help if you are unsure about anything.

Further details will be e-mailed to new students during August.

Faculty Officers

"As Faculty Officers our role is to ensure the student voice is heard at a Faculty, Divisional and Academic level. We work closely with staff and students across Facultys and Divisions to ensure that student matters and issues are resolved in a way that helps everyone feel they are being heard within the University.

Visit the relevant undergraduate or postgraduate sections to find out more about your dedicated faculty officers

Employability at Stirling

When you arrive at Stirling you will hear a lot about “employability”. What we mean by that is not only preparing you to find a career at the end of your time at University, but also to make the most out of your time when you are here though your studies, extra curricular activities and work placements and experience. Employability opportunities start the minute you arrive at Stirling and will continue to develop throughout your time with us. 

Faculty Advisers

Subject/ProgrammeAdvising TeamContact DetailsChief Examiner
Senior Adviser Ms Elizabeth Robertson e.j.robertson@stir.ac.uk  
Film Dr Derek Hodge derek.hodge@stir.ac.uk Dr Susan Berridge
Journalism Dr Derek Hodge derek.hodge@stir.ac.uk Dr Susan Berridge
Digital Media Dr Derek Hodge derek.hodge@stir.ac.uk Dr Susan Berridge
English Dr Stephen Penn stephen.penn@stir.ac.uk Dr Angus Vine
French Dr Fiona Barclay fiona.barclay@stir.ac.uk Dr Alison Jasper
Spanish Dr Guillermo Olivera guillermo.olivera@stir.ac.uk Dr Alison Jasper
Global Cinema Prof Elizabeth Ezra e.r.ezra@stir.ac.uk Dr Susan Berridge
Religion Dr Alison Jasper a.e.jasper@stir.ac.uk Dr Alison Jasper
History Dr Jacqueline Jenkinson j.l.m.jenkinson@stir.ac.uk Dr Phia Steyn
Politics Dr Jacqueline Jenkinson j.l.m.jenkinson@stir.ac.uk Dr Phia Steyn
Law (LLB) Ms Tikus Little t.a.little@stir.ac.uk Dr David McArdle/ Professor Elaine Sutherland
Business Law Ms Lorraine Wilson l.l.kwilson@stir.ac.uk Dr David McArdle/ Professor Elaine Sutherland
Philosophy Dr Kent Hurtig kent.hurtig@stir.ac.uk Dr Colin Johnston
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