Staff Directory


Faculty Executive 

Richard Oram Dean of Faculty
David Murphy Deputy Dean of Faculty
Alison Green Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching
Gemma Robinson Associate Dean of Research
Emma Macleod Associate Dean of of Graduate Studies
Adrian Hadland Head of Communications, Media & Culture
Holger Nehring Head of History and Politics
Andrew Hass Head of Literature and Languages
Mike Wheeler Head of Law and Philosophy

Faculty Professional Services

Elizabeth Robertson Faculty Manager
Sheilah Greig Operational Manager
Yvonne McClymont Faculty Administrator
Michael McDonald Technical Manager
Elaine Watson Employability and Skills Officer
  Administrative Assistant  

 Graduate Studies 

Lyana Macinnes Faculty Administrator
Jane Campbell Administrative Assistant
Lesley McIntosh Postgraduate Administrator
Rachel Rankine Administrative Assistant


Communications, Media & Culture

Academic Staff

Dr Idrees Ahmad Lecturer
Dr Thomas Allmer Lecturer 
Suzy Angus Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Susan Berridge Lecturer
Dr Chiara Bernardi Lecturer  
Dr Eddy Borges Rey Lecturer in Journalism Studies
Professor Neil Blain Emeritus Professor

Professor Karen Boyle

On Research Leave Spring 2017

Tom Collins Senior Lecturer
Dr Katherine Champion Lecturer
Dr Marina Dekavalla Senior Lecturer in Journalism Studies
Dr Will Dinan Lecturer
Dr Adrian Hadland Senior Lecturer in Journalism Studies
Professor Richard Haynes Professor, Director, Stirling Media Research Institute
Dr Derek Hodge Teaching Fellow
Dr Alenka Jelen Lecturer in Public Relations
Ms Therese Lynch  Teaching Fellow
Dr Katharina Lindner Lecturer in Film Studies

Dr Philippa Lovatt

On Research Leave Spring 2017

Ms Janieann McCracken Teaching Fellow
John McLellan Honorary Professor 
Dr Sarah Neely Senior Lecturer
Dr Dave Rolinson Lecturer
Dr Simon Rowberry Lecturer
Mr Dario Sinforiani Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Greg Singh Lecturer
Professor John Izod Emeritus Professor
Richard Kilborn Honorary Professor


Professional Services Staff

Lyana Macinnes Faculty Administrator
Marie O'Brien Administrative Assistant


Michael McDonald Technical Manager
William Crosgray Digital Technologies Coordinator

History & Politics

History Academic Staff

David Bebbington Professor
David Breeze  Honorary Professor  
Susan Buckham Honorary Research Fellow  
Diego Palacios Cerezales Lecturer
Sally Foster Lecturer
Jacqueline Jenkinson Lecturer
Sian Jones Professor 
Robin Law Emeritus Professor
Stewart Lloyd-Jones Honorary Research Fellow

Emma Macleod Senior Lecturer

Alastair Mann

On research leave Spring 2017

Senior Lecturer
Catherine Mills Lecturer
Holger Nehring Professor, Head of Division
Colin Nicolson Lecturer
Richard Oram Professor
George Peden Emeritus Professor
Michael Penman Senior Lecturer
Alasdair Ross Reader
Jim Smyth Senior Lecturer
Phia Steyn Lecturer
Mark Thacker Research Fellow 
György (George) Tóth Lecturer

Politics Academic Staff

Ambassador Sameh Aboul-Enein Honorary Professor  
Andrea Baumeister Senior Lecturer
Sarah Bromage Research Assistant
Paul Cairney Professor, Deputy Head of Division
Charles Chatterjee Honorary Professor  
Jonas Hinnfors Professor, Honorary Research Fellow
Clemens Hoffmann Lecturer 
Stephen Ingle Emeritus Professor
Peter Lynch Senior Lecturer
Matias Margulis Lecturer
Lord Jack McConnell Professorial Fellow  
Joseph Mifsud Professorial Fellow
Riad Nourallah Honorary Professor
Tim Peace Lecturer
Rt. Hon. Sir George Reid Professorial Fellow  
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Honorary Professor  
Andrea Schapper Lecturer
Hannes Stephan Lecturer

Professional Services Staff

Melissa Morton Faculty Administrator
Kalene Craig Administrative Assistant
Kitty Tollan Administrative Assistant
Law & Philosophy

Law Academic Staff

Dr Oles Andriychuk Lecturer
Dr Kim Barker Lecturer
Dr Ioana Cismas Lecturer
Dr Mo Egan Lecture
Professor Alison Green Professorial Fellow
Professor Gavin Little Professor
Mrs Tikus Little Senior Teaching Fellow, Head of Law
Dr Jacopo Martire Lecturer in Law 
Dr David McArdle Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Muinzer Lecturer
Dr Annalisa Savaresi Lecturer
Professor Elaine Sutherland Professor of Child and Family Law
Mrs Lorraine Wilson Teaching Fellow
Dr Hong-Lin Yu Reader
Emeritus Professors & Honorary Staff  
Fraser Davidson Emeritus Professor

Philosophy Academic Staff

Steinvör Thöll Árnadóttir Lecturer
Rowan Cruft Senior Lecturer
Philip Ebert Senior Lecturer
Adrian Haddock Senior Lecturer
Simon Hope Lecturer
Kent Hurtig Lecturer
Colin Johnston Senior Lecturer
Peter Milne Professor
Sonia Roca-Royes Lecturer
Peter Sullivan Professor
Jesse Tomalty Lecturer
Michael Wheeler Professor, Head of Division of Law & Philosophy
Crisipin Wright Professor
Emeritus Professors & Honorary Staff  
Tony Pitson Honorary Research Fellow
Alan Millar Emeritus Professor
Sandra Marshall Emeritus Professor
Antony Duff Emeritus Professor

Professional Services Staff

Zoe Mawby Divisional Administrator
Virginia Respinger Administrative Assistant
Claire Exley Administrative Assistant


Literature & Languages

English Academic Staff

Dr S. Elizabeth Anderson Impact Research Fellow

Dr Liam Murray Bell

on research leave Spring 2017

Lecturer in Creative Writing 
Dr Bethan Benwell Senior Lecturer
Professor Christine Ferguson Professor in English
Dr Matt Foley Lecturer
Professor Justin Edwards Chair in Gothic Studies
Dr Suzanne Gilbert Senior Lecturer
Dr Katie Halsey Senior Lecturer
Dr Scott Hames Lecturer
Dr Adrian Hunter Senior Lecturer
Professor Kathleen Jamie Chair in Creative Writing
Dr Timothy Jones Lecturer
Mr Kevin MacNeil Lecturer
Dr Stephen Penn Lecturer
Dr Chris Powici Teaching Fellow
Dr Gemma Robinson Senior Lecturer
Mr Scott Russell Teaching Fellow
Ms Frances Sessford Teaching Fellow
Dr Andrew Smith Lecturer
Professor Claire Squires Professor in Publishing Studies
Dr Angus Vine Lecturer
Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams Lecturer
Emeritus Professors & Honorary Staff  
Professor Glennis Byron (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor
Professor John Drakakis (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor
Professor Neil Keeble (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor 
Professor David Richards(Emeritus) Emeritus Professor
Professor Angela Smith (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor
Professor Grahame Smith (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor 
Dr Robin Sowerby (Emeritus) Honorary Reader
Professor Rory Watson (Emeritus) Emeritus Professor

Languages, Cultures and Religions Academic Staff

Dr Fiona Barclay Lecturer in French and Postcolonial Studies
Dr Beatriz Basso Spanish Language Assistant 

Professor Ann Davies

on research leave Spring 2017

Chair in Spanish Studies
Dr Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Senior Lecturer in Latin American and Amerindian Studies
Ms Brigitte Depret French Language Assistant
Mr Jean-Michel DesJacques Teaching Fellow in French
Professor Elizabeth Ezra Professor of Cinema and Culture
Mr Jose Ferreira-Cayuela Teaching Fellow in Spanish
Dr Andrew Hass Head of Division, Reader in Religion
Dr Alison Jasper Senior Lecturer in Religion
Dr Cristina Johnston Senior Lecturer in French

Dr Saihong Li

on research leave Spring 2017

Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
Professor Bill Marshall Professor of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Ms Mathilde Mazau French Language Assistant
Professor David Murphy Professor of French and Postcolonial Studies
Dr Guillermo Olivera Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies
Dr Bashir Saade Lecturer in Religion
Dr Antonio Sanchez Lecturer in Spanish
Ms Maria Barbero Sanchez  Spanish Language Assistant
Dr Anne Stokes

Lecturer in German and Translation Studies
Dr Xiaojun Zhang

Lecturer in Translation Studies
Emeritus Professors & Honorary Staff  
Dr Alastair Duncan Honorary Senior Research Fellow (French)
Dr Bill Kidd Honorary Senior Research Fellow (French)
Professor Brian Murdoch Emeritus Professor
Professor Sian Reynolds Emeritus Professor
Professor Richard Roberts Emeritus Visiting Professor

Professional Services Staff

Mr Andrew Miller Divisional Administrator
Ms Laura Paterson Administrative Assistant
Miss Katie Wallace Administrative Assistant




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