Undergraduate welcome

As an undergraduate student in the Stirling Management School you'll receive a first class education and an unforgettable student experience.

We pride ourselves on being a student-focused institution. We have School Officers representing our students and ensuring that the student voice is heard. School Officers also work closely with module reps in raising any educational concerns, and acting on behalf of the students to ensure that the University is continuously striving towards enhancing all aspects of education and engagement between staff and students.

Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge to meet the rigorous demands of industry. The excellent support and opportunities available through the Careers and Employability Service means that when you graduate you are highly employable and have the skills necessary to progress your career.

Preparing for study at University - Stirling Essentials

Our Stirling Essentials module provides a summary of the key information you need to be a successful student and it links into more in-depth help and advice, as and when you need it. There are separate versions for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Before you arrive, please do take some time to familiarise yourself with this module and work through its sections. This module will remain available to you throughout your studies, through a link on each Canvas module (log on with your University username and password, if requested).

Undergraduate induction

We're delighted to welcome new students into the Stirling Management School community. Whether you're a first year student, a direct entry student, an INTO student or a visiting international student, you are invited to attend the Stirling Management School’s induction activities as part of your week-one teaching schedule. If you are studying a joint degree then please attend induction events for both subject areas to ensure that you are fully briefed of what lies ahead.

Head Start Orientation and Induction Programme

We organise a series of activities for new students and returning students during the first week of semester. These activities are designed to help you orientate to University life so that your transition is as smooth as it can possibly be and provides you with a Head Start!

Course specific welcome and induction events

Each course and module has introductory meetings and activities so you can meet the staff, other students and learn how things work at Stirling. You'll get essential information to help you settle in and find your feet. Details of these sessions can be found on your personalised timetable on the University of Stirling app.

Here to help

The Stirling Management School Undergraduate Office are available to help with any questions you have about beginning your course and they can be contacted at SMSUG@stir.ac.uk. Your Course Director can be contacted at:

Name Email Course
Dr Paul Cowell/Dr Hector Rufrancos



BA Hons Economics
Dr George Maglaras  george.maglaras@stir.ac.uk BA Hons Marketing
Dr Dimitrios Kolyperas


BA Hons Retail Marketing
Dr Chris Coles


Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc)
Dr Chris Coles


Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance (BAcc)
Dr Chris Coles


BA Hons Professional Accountancy
Dr Dimos Kambouroudis d.s.kambouroudis@stir.ac.uk BA Hons Finance 
Dr Chris Coles


BA Hons in Accounting (Partner Institutions)
Dr Chris Coles


BA Hons Finance and Investment (Partner Institutions)
Dr Carol Marshall carol.marshall@stir.ac.uk BA Hons Business Studies
Dr Kirstine Collins kirstine.collins@stir.ac.uk BA Hons Human Resource Management
Dr Gerry Edgar


BSc Hons Management